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Putting people first

Changing the cocoa industry

There's a big problem with the big cocoa industry, many cocoa farmers in West Africa, where over half of the worlds cocoa comes from, are not being paid a fair wage for their crop. And it's not an easy problem to solve. But we have to start somewhere.

In 2020 Frankly Delicious began making its own chocolate. Sourcing cocoa beans from farmers and suppliers who are paid a fair wage and by creating and by ethical product this allows everyone in the chocolate supply chain to follow their dreams.

This is not just about chocolate, it’s about doing the right thing. Making the world a better place for everyone. So help us make the world better one chocolate bar at a time.


Chocolate is amazing


Imagine if most of the world's wine was made only from the Merlot grape. Well, that's how it is with chocolate. The Forastero bean makes up a lot of commercial chocolate. But there are other varieties, such as Trinitario and Criollo plus variants of these too.

There is a whole world of flavours to explore, with beans from across the globe bringing their own unique flavour.

Our chocolate is made to showcase these flavours and let the world know there is more to chocolate than first meets the eye.



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